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Tulips in Holland

Erin’s Europe Travels

After leaving Taiwan in 2012, Erin relocated to a small village in the Netherlands. Shortly thereafter Erin had the opportunity to finally live in Belize -- a destination she had hoped to move to for … [Read More...]

Taiwan Temple in Neihu

Erin’s Asia Travels

If you are in need of New Media content on destinations within Asia, Erin De Santiago was an expat for nearly four years in Taiwan. During her time abroad, she fell deeply in love with Taiwan and the … [Read More...]


Erin’s Belize Travels

From the moment Erin set foot in Belize back in 2005, she instantly fell in love with the country. She knew one day she'd eventually live there, and after seven years as a tourist making annual … [Read More...]

Wine Tasting Napa Valley

Erin’s Wine Experience

Erin fell in love with wine as soon as she was legally old enough to drink and started learning more about the wine making process and the varieties of wine on the market. She moved to Northern … [Read More...]

Tokyo Disneyland

Disney Travels

From her earliest childhood memories, Disneyland was a big part of Erin's life. She grew up around 30 minutes away from Disneyland in California and once she was old enough, she bought an annual pass. … [Read More...]

Rialto Food Market in Venice, Italy

Culinary Travel

Erin spends a chunk of her travel time scouting out the best eats in locations she visits. While she is preferential to a Michelin-starred dinner with lots of wine pairings, she is just as satisfied … [Read More...]

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